Get The Formula! The Perfect Dimensional Blue

Maggie Mulhern | August 28, 2014 | 9:29 AM

Larisa Love (@Larisadoll) is sporting the most perfect dimensional blue! MODERN checked in with the LA based freelance hair artist to get the formula. It's very simple:

Roots: Pravana Blue

Mids and lengths: Schwarzkopf Steel Blue plus Pravana Blue

To answer the question HOW TO REMOVE, MODERN checked in with Vadre Grigsby, PRAVANA Artistic Director who offers this technique:

"PRAVANA VIVIDS and other direct dyes are unlike traditional oxidative dyes.  They do not behave in the same way or react to lighteners and removers in the same way, so you have to approach the removal of these colors differently.  Typically when we want to remove color from the hair we would reach for Artificial Hair Color Extractor, but AHCE's ability to remove oxidative hair color does NOT work the same on direct (non-oxidative) dyes.  In fact, it can have unpredictable results.  The best way to consistently lighten, if not remove VIVIDS is to use Pure Light Power lightener with a really low volume developer like Zero Lift.  This mixture puts the hair in a state that allows you to wash away as much color as possible.  The more color you can remove and the lighter the outcome, the more options you will have for coloring the hair afterwards."

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