On the Runway: Lace Hair by Peter Gray

Helen Oppenheim | August 22, 2014 | 8:13 AM
#1 FINAL VIEW: Laced Hair by Peter Gray using Redken ,for Betsey Johnson Fall 2011. Makeup: Charlotte Willer, Maybelline. Photo: © Helen Oppeheim
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#2: "Before" lace
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#3: Note the tight swirl of the hair before the wig was put on. Strong makeup by Charlotte Willer, Maybelline.
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#4: Getting ready for the wig
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#5: Peter Gray kept the hair as small and tight as possible under the wigs
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#6: Putting finishing touches to bangs, protecting makeup and face as he cuts
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#7: Redken products used at this show included Fashion Work 12, Quick Dry 18 Sprays, 02 Shine Flash (being spritzed on the wig here.)
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#8: Peter Gray pinning a piece of lace from ear to ear on the wigs, as a template. Photo by Helen Oppenheim
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#9: Peter Gray sprays on Brandel Gold Spray over the black wig and the lace template.
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#10: The lace when removed leaves black lace on the gold-sprayed hair. Here, Peter Gray checks it out
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#11: This is the blonde model, backstage with laced hair. Makeup by Charlotte Willer.
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#12: Side view of laced hair, fake furs with laced effects.
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#13: Betsey made a beeline to hug Peter after the show. She loved the hair. And him.
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 On the Runway: Lace Hair by Peter Gray

As New York Fashion Week draws near for the Spring 2015 Collections - September 4 to September 11- I thought everyone would like to be inspired by the most innovative and original idea from the Fall 201l season. And, for those still learning, be informed how to add a wig to long even thick hair.

Black bobbed '60s wigs, inspired by Uma Thurman's hair in the 1994 cult movie Pulp Fiction, were laced for Betsey Johnson's spectacular show by Freelancer Peter Gray, who noted "lace was on everything" so he added it to the hair too. Brilliant. In a tour de force, here's how he laced the hair for the collection with the help of his dedicated team.

Peter Gray is a gun for hire, as he describes himself. (He works for all the majors (magazines, fashion designers, photographers, product companies for editorials, ads and fashion shows in the US. UK, Europe, Japan, wherever he is able to do interesting work.) This very prolific hairdresser who works seven days a week non-stop, trained at Vidal Sassoon, lives in London and New York, is one of the few strong ones who has been known to fight for his ideas, with passion. Not that he always wins, but he certainly does many times, as here. You can see more of his work on my website, on the New York Fashion Week and the WorldGreat menus.


Hair: Peter Gray, Home Agency, for Redken Fifth Avenue

Wigs: Jon Renau

Makeup: Charlotte Willer, Maybelline

Photos: Helen Oppenheim



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