Just Another Reason To Love Our Industry

Maggie Mulhern | August 8, 2014 | 9:33 AM
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It happened in Perth, Austraila. A commuter was jumping on a train and his leg got trapped between the platform and the car. The outcome looked bleak. Instead of whipping out cellphones to document what could have been a disaster, everyone came together to push the train away and free the man. It was (and is) a moving story, noting the power of people and the beauty of the collective.

MODERN posted this pix on instagram, not knowing how to caption the story or how YOU would react. But react you did, with more than 1500 "likes" in just one day and 39 comments by the end of day 2. It is the comments that are most telling. YOU, our followers, provided some of the best captions. Here's a sampling:


@ipaulmitchellmiami - "...hairdressers and salon owners get together in their commiunity to help people be and feel beautiful. We are all those people when a guest walks into our salon and we do what we do best to make them be [and feel] beautiful."

@scissorsyndicate - "Its ppl oming together for a common goal, to help one another. Teamwork helps the dream work. Pass it in."

@0maggieorourke0 - "Amazing what can be accomplished when we work with each other and not against."

@nikkilopezmua - "We just need to stop thinking of ourselves for a moment and think of makes a huge difference and makes us feel good and want to do more..."

@aarondoeshair1228 - "You must work as a team."

@margylovesmlb - "Because if you're a hairdresser then you care about people, that's why you postd this!!! If you're a hairdresser and don't care about people, get out of the business!"

go to our instagram feed: @modernsalon and add your own comments, or comment here. We love seeing how this story connects to the salon and spa worlds.

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