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25 Years Of DIY Color To Pro Melt

Maggie Mulhern | June 26, 2017 | 7:25 PM
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Heather Buchanan (@glamrock_hair) of 3 Bowls of Color, Newport News, Virginia, says her new client has been coloring her hair to a dark red/brown for 25 years and FINALLY made it to a salon!
Here she shares the details for that first visit:
Step 1: Clarify the hair using Pravana Nevo color remover. Apply shampoo to the hair, capping and processing with heat for 20 minutes. Do this twice and then do a final clarifying shampoo for 5 minutes. Towel dry.
Step 2: Apply Schwarzkopf Vario Lightener (with a 1:2 ratio) with 30 volume and Eufora Color Elixir to the clean, damp hair. Watch hair until you reach the desired lift. Rinse and blow dry 100%.
Step 3: Apply Eufora 3.03 (3ng) at her root. Blend into Eufora's direct dye (Artisan shades) Purple Iris. Then melt to the ends using a custom mixture from the same line using 3 grams Purple Iris+ 53 grams Pink Peony + 60 grams of Red. 
Step 4: Process for 35 minutes then rinse completely in cool water. Apply Eufora "step 2" of the Color Elixir as a conditioner. 

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