Pixie, Directional Blow Dry, Top Knot and Updo: Moroccanoil's Tradition of Beauty Collection

Alison Alhamed | July 5, 2017 | 9:43 AM
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Hair: Kevin Hughes, artistic director; Hair Assistants: Shelby Connell, Emmanuelle Campolieti; Photography: Kenneth Willardt Photography @ Exposure NY; Makeup: Justine Purdue @ Streeters

In Moroccanoil’s newest collection, artistic director Kevin Hughes captures ageless silhouettes in a contemporary artistic vision.

“I don’t put the same limitations on women that they put on themselves—who cares if you’re 15 or 55. If you love a look and are willing to spend the time styling it, go for it!” says Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil artistic director.


First popularized in the 1950s with Audrey Hepburn, pixie cuts were revitalized in the 1960s by Mia Farrow and Twiggy. Moroccanoil’s 2017 incarnation is an edgier, more textured version of the original.

A disconnected technical element explores the playful feel of the cut and speaks to the feminine characteristics of its gender-neutral style.


“This cut great for young professionals or commuters with an on-the-go lifestyle, and perfect for new moms,” Hughes says. “The disconnection makes it edgy but easily wearable well past her 40s. It’s really a convertible style—she can wear it swooped forward or slicked back.”


Inspired by Surrealism, the dreamlike European style of art, Moroccanoil’s newest updo features volume, smoothing, texture and detailing.

“I love that it’s not a braid,” Hughes says. “It’s edgy enough for a festival but elegant enough for a wedding.”


Moroccanoil’s directional blow-dry honors precision styling, attention to detail and celebrating a woman’s spirit and unique beauty.

“Whenever you’re moving hair up and away from the face, it’s visually uplifting,” Hughes says. “Because of the strength of the style that exposes the whole face, it takes a very confident woman to wear something like this. It can be worn daily with a strong pair of glasses, or a beautiful earring for a formal event.”


According to Asian mythology, the old gods dipped a coral blade into the ocean. When they pulled it out, four perfect drops fell back into the sea–those drops became the islands of Japan. For hundreds of years these islands were honorably protected by those who adorned the topknot.

Moroccanoil's top knot celebrates the heritage of this traditional look while incorporating a soft, feminine feel in the finished style.

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