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How Can Beauty Pros Take Game-Changing Career Cues?

Rosanne Ullman | August 1, 2017 | 12:27 PM
Paul Suttles, Pivot Point International, Inc. senior director, education
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Julie Vargas, Sport Clips senior director of career opportunities
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Lynelle Lynch, Beauty Changes Lives president
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We asked our Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council members: How can beauty pros take game-changing career cues from their heart's desire?

“It can be very rewarding to use your talent to give back to the community, creating an emotional connection to those less fortunate. When you volunteer your time and service, it naturally reminds you of how blessed you are, which is motivation in itself.” —PAUL SUTTLES, Pivot Point International, Inc. senior director, education

“Culture is so key. I recommend really studying the places that you want to work. Visit the location, and observe the conversations. Would you be comfortable and proud to work in that environment? Ask about the educational opportunities, make sure the job offers stability so you know you will have the money to pay your bills and find out whether there is opportunity to grow.” —JULIE VARGAS, Sport Clips senior director of career opportunities

“Pick a salon team that likes the same music and, most importantly, offers regular education and encourages you to elevate your talent. Take a personal inventory of the tasks that you love to do—you might have skills such as accounting or management. There are wonderful opportunities in management, and having a license gives you a unique perspective to lead with the depth of understanding. Dream big and have the courage and confidence to ask others to support your career.” —LYNELLE LYNCH, Beauty Changes Lives president

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