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Sexy Contrast: Sneak Peek at New Sexy Hair Collection

Anne Moratto | July 2, 2017 | 1:08 PM
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The Sexy Hair team recently gathered to collaborate on creating the looks for their latest haircut and styling collection, “Opposing Forces.”  Launching in January, their photo shoot captured still shots and video of the techniques and tools used to create the different styles.

“We’re building on our last collection, ‘Express Yourself,’ which was all about communicating different personalities through hair transformations,” Jennifer Weiderman, vice president of education and marketing at Sexy Hair Concepts says. “All the hair in our collection starts with a great haircut and then progresses, from demure to more daring, illustrating the versatility within each cut.  We juxtapose a hair edge with a soft wave or a very tight braid with loose texture. And it’s all very wearable hair with unique techniques that stylists have come to expect from Sexy Hair.”

A red stylist’s chair continues to be a signature centerpiece in each image, reinforcing the brand’s iconic red packaging and its commitment to the professional.

“The haircuts are very straightforward with techniques that allow the hair to perform effortlessly,” Sexy Hair Global Artistic Director Rafe Hardy, says. “We combined very geometric, linear lines with soft, multiple textures. When you see the three looks together, you won’t believe it’s the same haircut but that is the power of the products. We’re saying to stylists, with the Sexy Hair products and tools and the power of your own imagination, look at what you can do.”

Photo credit: Robert Lynden

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