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2017 MODERN SALON 100: Wesley Thayer Dewitt @hairnmusic

Alison Alhamed | August 2, 2017 | 9:54 AM
Wesley Thayer Dewitt (@hairnmusic)

When we first started following Wesley Thayer Dewitt (@hairnmusic) on Instagram, he only had a small handful of followers. But after his MODERN SALON feature, he started to gain pretty quickly. The industry has started to notice this Kansas-based colorist's page for his beautiful color corrections and vibrant effects. See why he made the MODERN SALON 100.

Handle: @hairnmusic

Name: Wesley Thayer Dewitt

Salon: Cheveux & Co., Hutchinson, Kansas

Specialty: Balayage, corrective color, vibrants 

Followers: 1,675

Age: 32

Favorite apps: Word Swag for watermarking, Videoshop for video edits and Layout for classic mirrored pictures.

Favorite hashtags: #balayage #babylights #modernsalon

I follow: @nealmhair @traceycunningham1

One of Dewitt's most viral Instagram posts.
One of Dewitt's most viral Instagram posts.

Pro tip: We live in a world where even if you’re doing incredible hair, if you don’t get a good picture, you’re missing out. Bring in a professional photographer a few times a week to put your best foot forward.

Favorite products: Kenra Platinum

How social media changed my life: I’ve always treated my Instagram as a portfolio. It can be spread out and seen across the world with a simple hashtag.

The first time I was featured on MODERN SALON: My post that appears to change color as you lift it in the light. I wanted to show my own guests that different lighting with make your hair appear many different shades. I was floored when I heard from MODERN SALON! I have always watched MODERN’s feed to grow and challenge myself and never would I have thought they would share one of my posts! It definitely grew my following and introduced me to an incredible group of people.



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