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2017 MODERN SALON 100: Jay Wesley Olson @jaywesleyolson

Alison Alhamed | August 3, 2017 | 11:29 AM
Jay Wesley Olson @jaywesleyolson

Jay Wesley Olson posts the coolest color effects on his @jaywesleyolson Instagram page. MODERN loves to follow him because of his beautiful balayage techniques and vibrant shades. See why he is featured on our 2017 MODERN SALON 100.

Handle: @jaywesleyolson

Name: Jay Wesley Olson

Salon: Bespoke, Scottsdale, Arizona

Specialty: Balayage

Followers: 108K

Age: 40

Favorite hashtag: #blondeaf

One of Jay Wesley Olson's most viral Instagram posts that was later featured on
One of Jay Wesley Olson's most viral Instagram posts that was later featured on

I follow: My wife because I’m obsessed with her. I follow anyone that has a positive, authentic vibe. Also @goatsofanarchy. I have a thing with goats.

Pro tip: Authentic is the new black. Stand behind your posts and be proud. The rest will fall in place.

Favorite product: Pulp Riot

How social media changed my life: Social media has skyrocketed my career, and I’m humbled by how quickly.

The first time I was featured on MODERN SALON: I did a dry balayage technique, and that was the beginning of the attention I would get from my work. Thank you, MODERN!



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