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2017 MODERN SALON 100: Holly DeCastri @hollydecastri

Alison Alhamed | August 3, 2017 | 2:47 PM
Holly DeCastri @hollydecastri

If you follow @modernsalon on Instagram and we've ever featured your work, OF COURSE you've heard of Holly DeCastri. She is quite literally our #1 biggest fan--she comments on every single post we share, expressing incredible encouragement and gushy love to every. single. artist. Known simply as "Holly" in our MODERN SALON offices, our entire editorial team voted to have @hollydecastri on our 2017 MODERN SALON 100 list because she is just one of our industry's BEST.

Handle: @hollydecastri

Name: Holly Rebecca DeCastri

Salon: Imago, Willmington, North Carolina

Specialty: Blondes and vibrants

Followers: 23.1K

Age: 41

One of Holly DeCastri's most viral Instagram posts.
One of Holly DeCastri's most viral Instagram posts.

Favorite apps: Facetune, PhotoMirror and Colorpop

Favorite hashtags: #modernsalon #1000orbust #aveda #wilmingtonnc #uncw

I follow: @presleypoe @sacustalari @salsalhair @ryojiimaizumi @isaac4mayor @janine_ker_hair @zhichao3am

Pro tip: Keep it clean! No distractions in the background, great lighting, Keep the post short and sweet. I typically do not do # or @ in my descriptions, just in the comments. Ask questions! Would you rock this look? Yes or no? Engage with your followers.

Favorite products: Aveda, Pulp Riot, Pravana, Brazilian Bond Builder

How social media changed my life: Not only has it filled my chair, it has broadened my entire career. I am a sponge, and Instagram has allowed me to sop it all up and perform at a greater level.



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