Proper English Gentleman: The British Barbers Association Hall of Fame Collection

Anne Moratto | August 4, 2017 | 4:48 PM
The BBA Hall of Fame photo shoot took place in March 2017. It brought together BBA Hall of Fame winners, and guided them through the process of a photo shoot, including how to work with styling, make up and  photographer Tim Collins.
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Barber Ali Husseini
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Taper Fade Comb-Over with Hard Parting   Top: Varied cut length, feathered fringe and texturized finish. Side: Burst fade 0.0 Back- high taper fade keeping length gradually Products used: BBA Finishing Pomade
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Taper Fade Comb-Over with Hard Parting    Top: Varied cut length, feathered fringe and texturized finish. Side: Burst fade 0.0 Back- high taper fade keeping length gradually Products used: BBA Finishing Pomade
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Barber James Williams
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Top: Starting from frontal lobe working in 3 profile sections from front to back, slightly angle towards the crown to create graduation and maintain a uniform layer using short point cutting technique to maintain length & add texture to achieve overall look.  Start over direction from the recession area to crown at a 45 degree angle, then band the hair at 90 from partial area working in sections to maintain length. Once dry, use deep point middle to end to soften layers to increase texture.
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Back: Due to triple crown the hair had to section hair in 3 areas to assess how hair would fall correctly into its shape, starting from center point taking from guide created at top of head (apex) , taking a vertical section from center point at 90 degrees.  Working across the head in each individual section maintaining length so hair falls correctly onto the occipital bone, then cutting down at a 45 degree to nape of the neck, then adding a low skin taper fade creating a concave maintaining strong hairlines, to add contrast from skin.   Sides: A low disconnection maintaining hair at 90 degrees to maintain length to overhang layers for achieved finished look. Added a skin taper from top of the ear fading into the beard so w
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Barber Jac Ludlow
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  Back: Distribute weight on the side panels of the head and the nape of the neck. Keep the shape as square as possible. This allows you to create a bypass to cross over from your shortest to  longest length. Insert your first surgical line on the perimeter of the Lower temples. Do the same at the nape of the neck. Create a balding lines 2 cm below where you originally distributed weight. Fade your weight distribution to your balding line with a clean transition. Club cut the overall coverage (on the back) to the desired length using graduation techniques.   Top: Section of the fringe and use a club cutting technique to achieve a blunt frin
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Sides: Scissors over comb the excess bulk on the sides however leave enough weight to compliment the heavy fringe.   Refining: Dry the hair and use a deep point cutting technique to achieve more movement on the top. Cut a small amount off the fringe using your clipper. This will maximize the blunt effect.   Style and finish: Damp down the hair and apply BBA MOULDING CREAM. Blow dry the hair into the shape of your final look. Use BBA TEXTURIZING CLAY to add movement and energy to your final look.
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Barber Joe Cartmel
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Top: Razor cut the top start at the crown working my way forward using windmill technique Cutting in the internal structure, this help to remove weight and add texture giving it that natural look . Remove length on top with the scissors keeping it square and masculine. This will help with the shape when blow drying later. Sides: Naturally tapered round then outline, foiling out the sideburn area then continue to use the razor to produce that natural tapered finish, keeping with the flow of the overall style. I connected the sides to the top using cross graduation maintaining that square masculine shape.
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Back: I started my taper with a 3 to keep it dark and then worked underneath with a 1.5 Guard open, I but my bold line in then the 0.5 , finger depth and worked down to fade out, then worked on the 0.5 line with 1 guard open and closing as you work, then polishing with 0.5 to remove any blemishes. Blow drying: I pre-apply BBA Texturizing Clay to the roots did you help me get volume and  the movement that I needed,  I blowdried with my round brush to create movement, shape and show off the texture and flow.
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Barber Jak Finch
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Top: Cross sections through the top, point cutting to add deep texture. Using a texture razor to slice more texture in desired areas. Sectioning off the fringe and using outliners to blunt out the crop to add contrast fromdisheveled top clean fringe.Sides: Graduation from an 0 using stepped fading methods up to a 1.5 at the beginning of the transition area.Back: Same as abovePrep: Small amount of BBA Texturizing Clay mixed with water throughdamp hair, using the hair dryer on high heat and low power scrunching thehair to create slight lift to reveal texture. Using brush and hair dryer tostraighten the fringe.Finish: BBA Texturizing Clay that I rubbed between my handsthen apply to ha
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Barber Rhys Green Top: Square layered and disconnected then added loads of texture with a texturizing blade also use slicing and point cutting with my scissors. Sides: Cutting the sides in with my scissors graduating the length shorter toward to lower part of the head then using clipper over comb the create a short graduation nice and tight round the ear, balding and foil saving the sideburns then using the grade skipping technique to create a skin taper. Back: Same as the side using my scissors leaving it heavier round the crown area the graduating the length shorter towards the nape of the neck. Balding then foil shaving the nape and again using the grade skipping technique in a convex to create a rounded skin tape
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Prep: Sea Salt spray on damp hair and using a high heat on a medium speed dying to hair slowly I tried to create as much movement to the hair as possible. Finishing: Using BBA Texturizing Clay I left the disconnected top to hang over the sides of hair to leave loads of movement for the hair to just full in its natural position.
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Barber Yucel OlmezkayaTo finish The Bosley:Prep: I used tiny bit of BBA Moulding Cream to get the extra grip while blow drying.
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  Top: The top has been left long however I have been working in this style for about a month and trimmed the top little by little every week. The day before the shoot I took weight off with razor cutting and point cut to give the extra texture on top.   Sides & Back: Balding line starting from the right temple going towards the back to a point ending at the other side of the nape area to the left. I used razor to disconnect the balding line then blunt cut the long hair above the bald line and faded the bottom bit to the line. The left side of the cut I created a burst fade around the ear and faded up. With this finishing I tried to achieve two different looks from each side.
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Barber John Mulholland
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Top: Starting at the left side I took a section from recess to crown at a 45 degreeangle, then repeated sections across the head over directing each one to the left toleave a bit more length, each section I chopped out a little weight for movementand texture.Sides: I used cross graduation to allow the hair to flow and lie in the direction Iwanted to achieve with the sides tapered also it gave a modern touch.Back: I curved out the hairline at the nape to give a different hairline shape.Prep: I applied BBA Moulding Cream to damp hair for a pre blow drying aid thenused a Denman Brush and dried the sides towards the back of the head, the topwas side parted then dried over to the side w
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Barber Jay Kizito Byrne
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  Disconnected fringe with loads of textures through the top and a medium to high skin fade.   BBA Texturizing Clay to really bring out the textures.
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Barber Enver Yeshilbulut
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Used Hair Tonic before cutting, used texturizing razor.
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Side: Short graduation starting from a 0.5. Low fade Back: Low foil  taper 00/0/0.5/0.7/1/2 Finishing:  BBA  Molding Cream
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Barber Jack Bishop
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Top: First, I put the natural parting in. I then took a profile section and cut front to back maintaining length towards the front. Then point cutted used horizontal sections from back to front following the guide from the profile section. Then taking radial sections through the crown making sure that the crown sat right.Sides: Used a number 8 to start taking them down to a 4 at the lowest point. Then using the mini clippers when round the ears.Back: Number 8 on the clippers around the back before tapering down to skin.BBA products: BBA Texturizing ClayPrep: Used the gel on damp hair and blow-dried in to create and hold the shape.Finish: Used the BBA Texturizing Clay that I j
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Barber Ross Mathieson
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 Disconnected beach crop Top: Disconnected the frontal lobe into a separate section and cut asymmetric to add weight and shape in the desired place. Working the sections from back (crown) to front, point cutting the length shorter at the crown into longer layers to achieve movement. Maintaining alot of the weight and twist cutting pin point areas. Sides: Short graduation starting from a 0.5. fade banding was used as a guide to achieve a high disconnection.
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Back: Foil taper was used from the nape of the neck to empathize the fade movement. BBA products:Textured clay Prep: Salt spray was used on damp hair with a diffuser to generate volume and movement. Twist curling the hair on a medium heat straighteners) were desired to create visual flow. Finish: Using the BBA Texturizing Clay on the curls to create hold and structure.
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Barber James BeaumontTop: Scissors point cut. Keeping the perimeter of the top horse shoe section long towards the front and the opposite side from the parting but with a slight quick blend to the sides. Lots of free hand slicing and channel cutting through the top to flow the directions of layers where desired to flow and lay.Sides:Scissor over comb to around a grade 3 length. Taper edge with detailer clippers to hold a solid blunt edge. When blow dried to style, free hand and point cut out layers, making slight layers from the side to top section to blend.Parting: Make surgical line to off set the parting. After making desired length and look of parting, hold the parting in one section. De-elevate at holding it low
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Prep:Hair has to be very wet, not towel dried to create the best shape.Prep:Hair has to be very wet, not towel dried to create the best shape.Slight drop of BBA Defining Gel. This is a great foundation product to create your shape, structure and hold by blow drying it in. To help it not become to stiff if used too much, use Moulding Cream to help soften the hair to flow through your brush as on this style, which will also create a natural shine smoothing the cuticle layer.Finish:Slight touch of the BBA Texturizing Clay for a natural finish.Slight touch of BBA Finishing Pomade to give shine and smooth out sides and  layer of blend.
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In January 2016 the British Barbers Association (BBA) launched The Hall of Fame competition to provide a platform to elevate creative talent in the barbering and men’s hairdressing industry. The competition has also been designed to drive appreciation of work by peer professionals.

There are two winners every month--People's Choice (most votes) and Judge's Choice (voted by BBA Judges Team)--and over 250 entrants are received each month, with an average of over 700 individual voters.

Once the talent had been recognized on a monthly basis, one of the overall objectives of the competition was to harness the talent of this pool of barbers and stylists to create a strong collection of hairstyles and images that reflected both current styles and future trends.

 The BBA Hall of Fame competitions starts again in June.



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