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MAKEOVER: Box Color To Long and Lovely Pink

Maggie Mulhern | August 7, 2017 | 6:11 PM

"My client came in with very long hair and no interest in cutting it," says Lenna Kelly (@lennakellydoeshair). The color specialist based Ziggys Hair LA, Culver City, CA, says that "color corrections and HUGE makeovers are what I love the most."

Because of the length, Kelly knew she had to work quickly and cautiously. "She had two 'home made bleach job' streaks and 6 month old box color."

Here she shares the details for the new color in her own words:

"I decided to utilize the platinum card method using Framar foils (I love how long they are!) I separated the hair into 4 sections. I applied Wella Blondor lightener with 30 volume and Olaplex onto her mid-lengths and ends in 1/8th inch sections.
Once her mids and ends were at a level 7, I went in with 20 volume and Wella Blondor lightener with Olaplex and applied onto her root and new growth.
I re-applied the lightener to any stubborn areas. 
I did not use heat at any point with the lightener.
Once her hair was lifted to a solid level 9 I washed her out with Fanola for 5 minutes to pre-tone, and did a step 2 Olaplex treatment. This part is so important because it not only strengthens the hair but I feel it helps the color last longer.
After that I rough dried the hair to about 70% and then separated into 4 sections and applied the color.
I applied on the roots first and then applied mids to ends using Wella Instamatics Pink Dream. I mixed 100g of Pink Dream with 100g of 6 volume and 1 inch of /56."

Kelly adds a special shout out to "my wonderful assistant @thesaltyunicornxhair for the bomb blow out on all that thick long hair."

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Hair Color Trends
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