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COLOR CORRECTION: Lots Of Drama To Get To A Classic Melt

Maggie Mulhern | August 13, 2017 | 6:47 PM
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After a little DIY color
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The finished result
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Amy Gimble (@amygimblestudio) of Amy Gimble Studio, Santa Monica, CA, says "My client came in as a new client consultation for color correction. She had been having an all over bleach and tone for years, and was tired of the maintenance. Her hair was being over processed without a bond builder as well and she had a lot of breakage. Our goal was to take her back to more natural blonde, where she could process it less, and have low maintenance upkeep. She wanted to grow her natural color out and only highlights in the future."
Gimble booked the appointment for two weeks out and during that time, "she purchased a direct dark blue dye and colored her hair at home. When she came back in for the color correction appointment, I was completely surprised and shocked with a new project. We both laughed knowing that it would take several appointments to meet our end goal, but we're up for a challenge with time, patience and a commitment to never coloring her hair at home again."

-2 processes of Malibu DDL using 2 ounces of water and mixing it with the DDL, processing for 5 minutes, making sure to leave it off of her roots. "A lot of the blue was removed but, not enough to keep her blonde, without using a more harsh product, which is what I wanted to avoid with the platinum color underneath the blue. I began to fill her hair with Kenra GuyTang Favorites Demi Permanent Kenra 8VM + 10vol, + Olaplex, on dried hair, off regrowth just on the blue. I then used a color melt technique with conditioner to pull a little through start a color melt effect. The ends were left out and only had conditioner applied. Processing time was 15 minutes. Washed and dried the hair.

-Next I used Kenra GuyTang Favorites  Permanent Kenra 7SM, 15 vol, and Olaplex. I applied the color to midshaft first, then to her regrowth. Again using conditioner to melt the color on her midshaft and left the ends out. Processing time was 25 minutes.

-On clean dry hair I did a Foilyage technique to break up the top and blend it with her ends. Using Schwarzkopf Blondme, 20 vol, and Olaplex. Processed for 15 minutes.

-Lastly on towel dried hair, starting at the top and pulling the color through to the ends for the last 5 minutes. I toned her highlights for an icy/cool tone finish, using Kenra GuyTang Favorites Demi Permanent 10SM, 15 vol, and Olaplex. After processing her toner, I did the Olaplex No2 treatment and processed it for 30 minutes.

-Since her initial appointment the color has faded out naturally to lighter shades of blonde. When she comes in for retouch appointments we now do foilyage, with Schwarzkopf Blondme, 20 vol, and Olaplex. Processing for 20 minutes.
No toner is applied. Instead I use Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Treatment, that is full of purple pigment and tones everything beautifully, and also treats her hair at the same time. I leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

She maintains her hair at home rotating  Kevin Murphy Young Again shampoo and conditioner and the Blonde Angel. She also keeps up with weekly hair treatments using Olaplex.

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