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YHS Launches New 'Make Me Lux' Collection

Michaela Kwoka-Coleman | August 18, 2017 | 8:23 AM
YHS Conditioner courtesy of YHS Haircare System.
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YHS Shampoo courtesy of YHS Haircare System.
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The Make Me Lux Collection is part of the new YHS Haircare System created by hairdresser and educator, Alan Benfield Bush

YHS Haircare offers multi-purpose professional hair color enhancers, conditioners, shine therapies, styling, and texturizing products. Perfect for retailing, YHS Haircare allows salon owners and hairstylists to elevate their homecare regimens for clients. 

“With the Make Me Lux line, less is more,” Bush said. “You will use less of the product and do more with it. The entire product line is multi-purpose and is protective of hair color. The YHS line is not sold through any other platform but approved sellers for purchase by professional hairdressers.  We always encourage the client to come back to the hairdresser.”

The Make Me Lux moisturizing shampoo and conditioner set add valuable moisture and shine to thirsty, color treated hair, helping to preserve and protect salon hair color.

Penetrating peptides and nutrients strengthen the hair shaft, replenishing the appearance of youthful hair. Vitamins and minerals smooth and seal the cuticle to lock in beautiful shine.

“Hairstylists will need to educate the clients and explain to them why you are using the products you chose,” Bush said. “Say ‘Let’s talk about the condition of your hair’ and analyze what you need to use, then escort the client to the backbar to prescribe their homecare.”

To preserve hair color, advise clients to go as long as possible between washing. 

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