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7 Reasons to Attend Premiere Beauty Classic

August 21, 2017 | 12:01 PM
Premiere Beauty Class gives Midwest salon owners a chance to see demonstrations and sample products from their favorite brands.
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Tabatha Coffey brings her small business know-how to Columbus.
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Known as one of the best motivational speakers in the country, Winn Claybaugh promises to deliever a humorous and lively seminar that will inspire all beauty professionals.
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More than 200 classes at this year's event allow professional to collect continuing education credits.
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Being a salon owner or manager is an awarding career, you have the ability to provide clients a relaxing environment while helping them love their selfies, and you in turn provide rewarding careers for your team members.

Even through all the perks that come the job, there are plenty of challenges that salon owners and managers experience on a regular basis. From running the day-to-day operations to managing and motivating your staff to figuring out how to get and keep clients, it can become a bit overwhelming at times. Well, Premiere is here to help with the top seven reasons all salon owners and managers in the Midwest should be sure to attend Premiere Beauty Classic in Columbus, Ohio, on October 15-16.

1. Tabatha Coffey
Known for her signature edgy style, tough love approach and exceptional skills as an artist and as a business person, Tabatha is without question the golden girl of small businesses. Tabatha will be bringing her extensive industry knowledge and her powerful approach to drive business success to Premiere Beauty Classic this year. Beauty Professionals will have two separate opportunities to learn from Tabatha and elevate your salon at this year’s show.

2. Winn Claybaugh
According to CNN’s Larry King, Winn Claybaugh is “one of the best motivational speakers in the country.” He is also a business owner for more than 30 years with over 16,000 people in his organization and the founder, co-owner and dean of Paul Mitchell’s school division. Most recently, he was named one of the top five “Industry Leaders Who Helped Revolutionized Education”. At the show, join Winn for his Main Stage presentation, “Be Nice (Or Else!)” for a lively and humorous seminar with Winn’s proven systems for giving your salon a major competitive edge. Learn how to embrace the BE NICE culture and increase staff morale, improve customer service and at the same time increase profits.

3. Learn How to Increase Your Earning Potential
Do you want to earn a six-figure income as a salon or spa professional? Well, are you charging your clients enough for the services you offer? How are your retail sales? Do you know if you’re properly managing your inventory and your sell through strategy? Have you reviewed your appointment book for the last three weeks? Were you booked solid or was there any room for improvement? Do you have personal or professional goals that you are having trouble reaching? If you want the answer to any of these questions, then the education offered at Premiere Beauty Classic is something you can’t afford to miss. If you register before September 16th, a 2-day Show Pass is only $55, which is a small price to pay to gain knowledge that will increase your bottom line on a regular basis.

4. Get the Know on Social Media Marketing
With more than 80,000 salons in the United States, current and potential clients have a of plethora of establishments and artistis to choose from, therefore creating and properly maintaining your digital presence is vital to your success. Gain some truly valuable information from Heather Smith with StyleNet during her two classes, "Want Followers? Create Culture and Say What? Social Media, Web, Text, Email, In-Salon Marketing." Maybe you’re more interested in joining the ranks of Premiere Orlando educators, Larisa Love & Jenny Strebe and want to become “Instafamous” – if that’s the case, Daniel Mason Jones brought to you by SalonCentric Education has the exact class you’re looking for, it’s literally called "Wanna be Instafamous? Social Media – Instagram." Additionally, brands like Pulp Riot, Pravana and Hattori Hanzo Shears are bringing in some of their very own social media influencers to offer some excellent hair education.

5. Earn Your Continuing Education Hours
Ohio and West Virginia Licensees can earn up to 7 CE Hours at Premiere Beauty Classic and with more than 200 classes offered at this year’s event, beauty professionals will have plenty to choose from. The best part, they are included with your show pass purchase. Plus, if you are a licensed cosmetologist, the business classes that were previously discussed qualify for CE credit, so two birds, one stone. Click here for the full educational lineup.

6. Try Before You Buy
Explore more than 300 booths on show floor for demos and samples from some of your favorite brands such as Ardell, CND, Donna Bella Hair, HALOCOUTURE Extensions, L’ANZA, Matrix, Pulp Riot, REDKEN 5th Avenue NYC, Sexy Hair & Thermafuse.

7. It’s A Fantastic Team Building Activity
What better way to motivate yourself and your team then to attend the beauty show together? Attending together will not only improve the comradery of the team but give your employees classes, techniques, products and services to talk about that’s beneficial to your business all year round. Above and beyond the learning and motivation that the show offers, take some time and explore America’s Biggest Small Town and experience something new as a team.

More about Premiere Beauty Classic: Premiere Beauty Classic is hosted at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, October 15 - 16, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. For more information about the show including how to purchase a show pass and hotel reservations visit Also follow Premiere Beauty Classic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all things Beauty Classic.

Originally posted on Salon Today.

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