Love at First Sight! 2 Back-to-School Eye Lash Extension Looks You Have to See

August 24, 2017 | 1:28 PM
The Classic Look
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The Classic Look
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The American Volume Look
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The American Volume Look
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The American Volume Look
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September is notorious for back-to-school—and we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re seeing an influx of young clients coming to the salon wanting a completely different look or just an update.

Along with a traditional cut and style, manicure and pedicure, there’s one more “have-to-have” service for your returning students, and that’s lashes!

Eyelash extensions can transform your client's overall face instantly. Long, glossy lashes are a symbol of youth and vitality. While a fresh color and cut can also transform your client, lashes are the finishing touch that makes your client look like the full package—polished and ready for their first day.

There’s all kinds of lash options, too. By using different lengths, thicknesses and curl types on each customer, you’ll create a look that’s natural and beautiful. These lashes come in a variety of lengths.

During your consultation make sure you ask about your client’s daily routine—you’re going to want to match the correct lashes with their living style. Also, keep in mind their overall face structure.

NovaLash offers two looks for your clients this back-to-school season! Here they are:

THE CLASSIC: Adds a little more drama to your client’s natural curl. NovaLash's Classic lash pots come in odd and even sizes and varying lengths to accommodate the NovaLash Technique when creating shorter to dramatic lash styles. These lashes remove the need for your clients to use a lash curler. NovaLash's L-Curl lashes are a great fit for Asian eye shapes and lashes. Plus, no more mascara needed because it provides a darker, lusher lash line.


  • Long straight base and a slight curl at the very tip
  • Designed for downward growing, straight, and very straight natural lashes
  • Tapered tip
  • Made of synthetic nylon fibers
  • Non-allergenic
  • Dark black color

AMERICAN VOLUME: These lashes create beautiful, full, feathery volume the American way with varying lengths, textures and durability. Volume extensions have a smaller diameter than Classic extensions to allow for multiple extensions to be applied to one natural lash. The American Volume Extensions are made of a synthetic fiber that have a dark black color and a soft feel which gives consumers the look of a much thicker and darker lash line. The American Volume extensions come in a tray and each tray contains 1 length/diameter/curl of extensions. Each tray has 12 rows of extensions or approximately 6000-7000 lashes depending on the diameter.


  • Soft and supple texture
  • Lightweight and good for sensitive skin types
  • Maintains curl when wet
  • Smaller diameter than Classic extensions
  • Better flex and curl
  • Wider volume and thicker look
  • Does not poke or irritate skin Last longer and less retouching

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