5 Reasons Your Clients Aren’t Returning and How to Fix It

August 25, 2017 | 11:17 AM

If you run a hair salon, chances are aching calves are not your only pain. Make sure that your tech is up-to-date,  that everything is moving nice and smoothly day by day.

Reason 1: Booking an appointment seems laborious. 

People are becoming more reliant on technology. It’s a waste of time for you to drop what you’re doing to make appointments and an inconvenience for your client to pick up the phone when they’d rather streamline the process. They want the option to book efficiently and quickly.

Solution: Offer online booking.

Consumers expect to be able to book services online and this trend will continue as tech-savvy clients take over the market. Online appointment systems like Versum Salon Software are easy to set up and inexpensive to maintain. They offer 24/7 availability so a client can book an appointment beyond your hours of operation. Think of all the clients who may have tried to book by a phone call, but they were put on hold or just couldn’t reach you after hours. You need a virtual receptionist and that’s what online booking offers.

Another perk is automatic confirmations. These will help save time, relieving you of another thing on your ‘to do’ list. Automated reminders help to minimize no-shows, too, which are killers for any service industry business.

Reason 2: Your competition looked more appealing. 

The best way to keep your book full is through referrals and reviews. Word-of-mouth referrals are still important, but are often the slowest way to grow your business. Millennials are driving the beauty business and online reviews are the way to capture their attention and their business.

Solution: Create a loyalty program to incentivize client reviews.

A high-volume of positive client reviews is what will build your customer’s trust. One way to encourage clients to write reviews is through a loyalty program. Offer loyalty points as an incentive to spend some time reviewing your services. Genuine customer reviews will help you get new customers, especially if you post them on social media so that everyone can see them.

Loyalty programs are a win-win situation. Clients like to buy-into a salon that gives them something in return. Versum’s Loyalty Program can be customized to suit the specific needs of your business. You can define the accrual rate, the list of rewarded activities, and the rewards your customers will be able to get. Points are granted automatically during checkouts.

Reason 3: You’re not tech savvy enough.

The new client journey looks similar to this: a client discovers your site through a Facebook integration with your online site, books online at whatever hour they want, gets a reminder text before their appointment, and also receives an email/sms reminder after their appointment about scheduling the next one. That’s what they have come to expect and if you can’t offer it, you’re missing out.

Solution: Invest to Impress.

Your salon has no excuse for not tapping into the technology out there to improve customer service and also make processes easier for you and your staff. Technology can be an effective tool for customer satisfaction. Salon software can help make your client’s experience convenient and enjoyable.

Investing in technology upgrades enhances the entire client experience as well as their impression of your salon overall. If people see that you are innovative and forward thinking with your technology, they know they are in good hands.

Reason 4: You’re unaware of your hairstylists’ service. 

As a salon owner or manager, you have many tasks to take care of and your time can’t be spent overlooking stylists all day, ensuring each appointment is going smoothly. 

Solution: Look at customer retention statistics.

Salon management software means you can see information on your employees like the number of appointments, product sales, generated revenue, work time and rosters, commissions, and even customer retention. So even if you can’t witness every appointment, the service is reflected in the numbers.

An advanced and intuitive software is a valuable data tool to record employee and client activity, something that’s especially useful for managers working on daily tasks. In addition to seeing these numbers, you can build an incentive program off your team’s performance. Give your employees goals to shoot for and reward them for their hard work. Now you are rewarding that high-performing talent, the ones that bring in the most clientele.

Reason 5: No invitation to return. 

Sometimes you need more than just exceptional service to keep your clients coming back. With the pace of life today, everyone is time-crunched and distracted. Clients appreciate that gentle nudge and friendly reminders. Regular communication with clients is essential in creating and maintaining customer loyalty. 

Solution: Find software to help send invitations to customers.

Only reliable salon software offers tools to automatically invite clients for another booking. To engage with existing customers, try setting up automated SMS. These can be “thank you” message, a happy birthday note or even a reminder to come back in for another appointment.

Versum can even help run effective promotional campaigns with SMS and email bulk messaging. When you want to hone in on a specific clientele, you can set up special promotions to target those customers, like those clients who haven’t visited in a while, for instance. Set up a special deal to entice them to return.

To implement these solutions with a new salon software system, click here to learn about Versum.  Versum Salon Software allows you to enjoy your work and grow your salon. Leave the rest to us.

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