HOW-TO: Fiery 'Hawk with Pravana & Matrix

Lauren Quick | August 6, 2014 | 7:58 AM
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L-->R: Mint blue, macaw-inspired, fire hair
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Kelly Anne Churnside and her client, Harley, are always ready for an adventure in haircolor. Harley has gone minty with her 'hawk, took inspiration from a macaw and now effectively had Churnside set her hair on fire with color.

Churnside gives pointers on cut, color (Pravana and Matrix) and finish.



STEP 1: Section out a horseshoe at the top of the head and clip out of the way.

STEP 2: Using clippers with a No. 2 guard, shave up the back and sides.

STEP 3: Use shears to blend and clean up edges.

STEP 4: For the horseshoe section, start at the back and travel forward using a slightly graduated technique to create a shorter, playful top that blends into a longer fringe.



STEP 1: Prelighten hair all over to a level 9 using Matrix Light Master with 20 volume peroxide.

STEP 2: Section out a horseshoe at the top of the head and separate from the shaved sides and back.

STEP 3: Starting with the shaved sides, apply Pravana Vivid Red and saturate fully. Cover with foil.

STEP 4: Paint the top of the horseshoe with Pravana Vivid Orange from base to mid-strand. Blend Pravana Neon Yellow from mid-strand to ends.

STEP 5: Process at room temperature for 25 minutes. Rinse with cold water. 



STEP 1: Cut into the top of the hair using a razor to create texture, movement and bring attention to the detail of the color.

STEP 2: Use Loma Organics leave-in conditioning treatment and Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus focused on the base to create lift.

STEP 3: Rough-dry hair (the messier the better!) and piece out the hair with Kenra Volume Spray.




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