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Lovely in Lilac: Ireland Baldwin by Justin Andersson

Anne Moratto | August 20, 2014 | 3:14 PM

Lovely in Lilac: Ireland Baldwin by Justin Andersson

Justin Andersson (@anderssonjj ), a colorist at Chris McMillan the Salon in Beverly Hills, shared the formula on Instagram for this pretty pastel lilac. His client is model Ireland Baldwin.

PREP: Start on a fresh bleached and toned base using Olaplex.

STEP ONE: On root, Pravana ¾ Silver and ¼ Pastel Lavender and lowlights randomly pulled through with a color board to create dimension. Process 15 minutes.

STEP TWO: Pull Pravana Silver with a “Skillet-Sized” dot of Pastel Lavender through the ends for 10 minutes under dryer. Andersson has this suggestion for working with the color which is not necessarily a Pravana-approved technique but, he says, “Be sure to really work color into porous hair by literally rubbing the color aggressively into the hair.”

STEP THREE: Wash hair and cover roots to ends with ¾ Clean Shine and ¼ 9v Shades EQ at bowl for 10 minutes to seal in color, add shine and a hint more Silver.

“I sent Ireland home with a tube of her favorite conditioner mixed with a dot of lavender color. Clients can use this at home to refresh purple tone as needed.”

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