Secrets to Cosmetology School Success: An Ongoing Series from a New Student

Isabelle Farro | September 7, 2017 | 8:36 AM
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Hi guys! I'm Isabelle Farro, and I am from Nashville,TN. I've had the honor of pairing with Modern Salon, whilst attending cosmetology school at The Aveda Institute, to create a blog about my journey as a cosmetology student.

I chose Aveda because I am totally in love with the way they operate,think, and strive to be the best. Yesterday was my very first day, and I felt that this was the place i belong, the minute I walked in. I came in with high expectations, that were met almost instantly.

First off, my class has the largest intake of the year. There is roughly fifty one of us in the September class. Now, with not having gone to school in about a year and half, I definitely had some similar feelings of the first day of high school (cue the shivers and bad memories of grade school). It was a bit overwhelming walking into a class full of girls, and only two guys. Thankfully, I immediately saw someone I knew ( the inner introvert within me sighed in relief). Shortly after, we were greeted with coffee, and breakfast. That definitely started things on a good note.

Into the day, we learned so much about the history of Aveda. We were taught about how they  really strive to be completely natural. From the hair color to the shampoo and conditioner, their products are eighty nine percent organic. Each year, that percentage grows. It is really refreshing to be working with a brand that cares so much for their guests, and the overall well being of someone.

I look forward to my future as a cosmetologist. I love all things hair and makeup, and I absolutely adore making people feel better about themselves ( not to mention how fun it is to work in the beauty industry). I am already one hundred percent certain that Aveda will have me well prepared for the real world.

So please, join me on my journey through hair school. I will be writing about tips, secrets, and inside details about how to successfully "survive" cosmetology school.


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