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Top 5 Rules for Winning at the Barber Game

Ivan Zoot | September 11, 2017 | 10:19 AM

Barbering is a pretty simple game.  All games have rules.  It is nice to win, but you have to follow the rules. Here are my top 5 rules for playing the barber game.

On time, ready to work – On time is 10 minutes early.  Early is twenty minutes early. Right on time is late.  Late is unacceptable.  Be on time ready to work every day.  No exceptions.  Availability and consistency are keys to building and maintaining a clientele.

Don’t touch my stuff – My tools are my tools.  My tools are not your tools.  Don’t touch my stuff.  Be on time, ready to work with all your on tools.  If you do not have your tools do not come to work.  Do not ask to use my tools.  Actually do not even look at my tools.

 No railroading, no soldiering – Hustling a client through your chair to get to the next up walk-in is not acceptable practice.  Slowing down the process of a haircut so the next walk-in falls into another chair is equally despicable.  Take the time to take good care of everyone.

Everyone is created equal – Everyone waits their turn.  The mayor, the ditch digger, the minister and the bus driver, no one jumps the line.  Have a seat.  Wait your turn.

 Do not flash cash – Ring sales into the register.  Hand clients their change.  Pocket tips immediately.  Slip cash quickly into a drawer.  Do not count cash on the floor.  Do not refer to or discuss tips in the shop in front of clients.  Treat cash like politics.  Strictly off limits.

What are your rules of barbering?  Message me with yours.

Ivan Zoot AKA ClipperGuy is your healthy haircutter coach. Get and stay healthy, wealthy and wise with clipperguy support. For more information visit Ivan at




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