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Paul Mitchell Debuts Invisiblewear Collection at Rachel Zoe LA Presentation

September 11, 2017 | 10:34 AM
Rachel Zoe getting touched-up.
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Lucie Doughty (far right)  backstage at the Rachel Zoe Spring 2018 collection presentation.
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Noogie Thai prepares a model.
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Lead hairstylist and John Paul Mitchell Systems Editorial Director, Lucie Doughty created beautifully undone, textured waves to complement the Rachel Zoe Spring 2018 collection that “celebrated California.” The key to achieving the effortless cool of this lived in look was texture, and to enhance and maintain this movement the Paul Mitchell styling team relied on the NEW Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR Collection, making its official debut backstage.

Style Breakdown:

  • Start with a center part, and then section hair off beginning at the nape of the neck
  • Prep hair from bottom to top with a volumizing texture powder (Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR Pump Me Up).
    • After applying texturizing product, create a single three strand braid with all loose hair and secure with a clip for control, leaving the ends out.
    • Continue this texture prep process on the full head, bringing another section of hair down and dividing into three individual braids, ending with the top layer that should be divided into four sections and then braided.
    • Once full head is braided, spray each braid with a volumizing hairspray (Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray) to tame any flyaways and boost volume, then run a flat iron with flat edges (Neuro Smooth) over each braid for added definition
    • Let hair cool, and then remove clips, using your fingers to break apart the braids and marry the texture.
    • Create a bend* in the hair on face framing pieces by using a flat iron (Neuro Smooth) in a reverse “C” shape to complete the look
    • Finish with Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR Undone Texture Spray to add to the natural, lived-in feel.

      *To create a bend in hair: Take a front section of the hair and smooth an inch down with a flat iron, tilting the iron inwards. Quickly rotate the iron outward, creating a reverse “C” shape. Once shape is created, run iron over once more to emphasize “bend” shape. Repeat on the other side.  


    •  Paul Mitchell Extra -Body Finishing Spray, $18.99, available at Paul

      Neuro Smooth, $134.99, available at

    • NEW Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR Pump Me Up, $22.99 , available at

      NEW Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR Undone Texture Spray, $18.99 , available at

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