Secrets to Cosmetology School Success: Week Two and Loving It

Isabelle Farro | September 21, 2017 | 2:59 PM
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So, welcome to week two of cosmetology school. Okay, I'm totally in my element. I can't lie and say that I haven't been nervous, that in some strange way that hair school wasn't for me. I guess that's just a normal fear that every one has once they've decided on a career. A good piece of advice would be to not fear to make big decisions. Committing isn't all that scary. It happens to actually be quite refreshing and ends up being worth it 100%.

In the past two weeks, our instructor has piled on the information. We have learned things from infection and disease in the salon ( and yes, you guessed it, we've already talked about our wonderful little parasite friend, lice) to shampooing and blow drying. This course is fast paced, and my instructor, Nadia, is so incredibly knowledgeable. 

 At the end of the first week, we finally got a day designated to opening our kits. Oh my gosh, I am pretty sure I was dreaming. I'm definitely one of those people who is obsessed with opening things. You know, its kind of like when you order an abundance of things online and you're just tracking your shipment every hour just to see if it has arrived? Yeah, well, its just like that, but better. Let me just start off by saying that this box is massive. We maybe spent about two hours just opening everything. It was anything you could think of: brushes, combs, mannequins, perm rollers, manicure sets, hot tools, clips, pins, a cape, our apron, and even something as small as a stylus for your school iPad. Yes, school iPad, you heard me correctly. Aveda's curriculum is almost 100% online. I'm basically going to the Harvard of hair schools. 

Its been a pleasure and it's only been two weeks. More updates to come. You can also follow my journey on Instagram at @hairbyisabelle

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