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How Do You Do a Great Consultation?

Carlos Valenzuela | September 27, 2017 | 8:57 AM

“ How do you do a great consultation?” “ It depends,” is my standard answer

Not a very informative reply, I know. The answer is complex because the many roads to a great consultation come down to one goal: getting the client to where they want to go.

Determining client need varies slightly if a client wants to just clean up their look, is in a funk and needs an uplift, going to a gala ball, or is up for a totally new look. This seems so obvious, however, the number one client complaint, and reason for not returning, is always getting the same style. This means you are on automatic and not doing a maintenance consultation. What is that?

A maintenance consultation is anticipating a client’s return visit by reviewing past services and identifying new styling directions. Even when you are sure the client wants no change, offer up a new series of possibilities. The key element to killer consultations is gaining the client’s trust. If you are spinning the same styles repeatedly, and cannot get clients to try new services, they probably do not doubt your talent or ability, you may not be providing enough security to the client. Guarantee your services one hundred percent. If the client is not satisfied, say you will stay with them until they are happy and watch the attitude change. Here is what I use in all my salon promotions: “I guarantee all my services one hundred percent. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, I will work with you until you are happy.”

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