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From Foiled and Damaged To Luscious Red

Maggie Mulhern | October 1, 2017 | 7:01 AM
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"This client had been doing full foils for years, and her hair showed it," says Tiffinie Morton (@hairbytiffinie), a Matrix Artistic Educator based at Vintage Hair Boutique, Tri Cities, WA. "We had been working on getting her hair healthier and decided to try something new. She initially wanted to go to a warm level 5 but I talked her into trying this to ease her into being darker since she had been blonde for so long."
Here Morton shares the details for this makeover:
1:1 Matrix ColorSync Watercolors Quartz Pink and ColorSync 6M + Bond Ultmi8 + 10 vol
1:1 Matrix ColorSync Watercolors Quartz Pink and ColorSync 8M + Bond Ultim8 + 10 vol
1:1 Matrix ColorSync Watercolors Quartz Pink and ColorSync 10M + Bond Ultim8 + 10 vol 
Step 1: Start by applying Formula A to Zone 1, pulling it down about 2-3 inches in a root retouch type application.
Step 2: Starting in the back nape area - taking 1/2" sections in a bricklay fashion, use a colormelt technique to use Formula B on Zone 2 and Formula C on Zone 3. Make sure to alternate how far down each color is melted down. "We were not going for an ombré look." 
Step 3: Bring Formula B all they way through on some pieces to create some depth and dimension. 
Step 4: Use Diagonal back slices in the front two quadrants. Bring Formula C up higher around the face. 
Step 5: Process for 25 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Follow with Step 2 (before shampoo!) of Bond Ultim8. Shampoo and condition using Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed. 
Step 6: Style using Matrix Airy Builder, Indian Amla strengthening oil, Turbo Dryer, and Iron Smoother. 
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