HOW-TO: Midnight Violet Subtle Melt

Lauren Salapatek | October 11, 2017 | 9:15 AM
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We love how the various shades of violet blur together for a seamless transition in this subtle melt using Matrix Color Sync Vinyls.

Created by Constance Robbins, a professional hairdresser based out of Los Angeles, Robbins specializes in dimensional hair color, cutting and styling with a focus on long hair.

Also a Matrix Artist, she works on US and Global projects alongside prestigious international artists on photo shoots, hair shows and video production.

Here, Robbins offers the formulas and step-by-step process she took to put together this look.

1:1 Color Sync Vinyls Midnight Violet & 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer & BOND Ultim8 Step 1
1:1 Color Sync Vinyls Midnight Violet & Clear & 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer & BOND Ultim8 Step 1

Create a center parting from the front hairline to the nape. Next, take a parting across the top of the head extending from top of the ear to top of the other ear, secure sections for control.

Apply FORMULA A from scalp to the mid-lengths, than apply FORMULA B from mid-lengths through to the ends. Use the Kabuki Brush where the two colors meet to blur together for seamless transition from one to another.

HAIR HACK: When placing your Colormelt formulas A & B place them higher on the hair strand around the face and lower in the back around the occipital to mimic where the hair would naturally be lighter from the sun.


Rinse thoroughly, apply BOND Ultim8 Step 2 for 10 minutes then rinse. Cleanse and condition using Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner. Send your client home with a BOND Ultim8 Step 3 weekly for additional nourishment at home.

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