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Minerva Beauty Names Winner in Salon Makeover Contest

Alison Alhamed | October 16, 2017 | 1:19 PM
Walker hard at work on her salon's renovation. “Part of our vetting process involved looking at contestants’ Facebook pages and, indeed, there she is swinging a hammer!” says Wesley Camp, Marketing Director at Minerva Beauty.  
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Walker enjoys her tour of Minerva Beauty's showroom where she test-drives the furnishings.
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Pricilla Walker celebrates her big win with Minerva Beauty' CEO Jay Rawl during her showroom tour.
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For some salon owners, the idea of a salon renovation is overwhelming, or there isn’t budget, or other things have taken priority. So Minerva Beauty launched the MODERN SALON Makeover Contest by Minerva Beauty, which grants one lucky winner the opportunity to see their salon get a total facelift. That means all new furniture from Minerva Beauty in partnership with Quest Resources.

After combing through all of the amazing entries, the judges have spoken: Pricilla Walker of Brush it Off in Henderson, North Carolina, is the lucky winner!

See Walker’s essay below: 

We've grown out of our current space and are trying to expand into the vacant space beside us. I'm also a full-time stylist and I spent my only week for vacation this year ripping up three layers of flooring just to get to the original hardwood floors underneath. I am exhausted. My vacation is over and I will be back to working full time on Monday again. I am doing all the work except the electrical to save money. I know growing pains are a good problem to have but I just see no rest in sight. I am still paying on the loan for my other five stations and they are not Minerva and are falling apart already. The loan company won't let me payoff early. I really would just love having layout and design help because I have nine Minerva chairs for the remodel planed that I already bought and are paid for. Wish I bought all Minerva to begin with!

“We thought Pricilla displayed an incredible work ethic being a salon owner and full-time stylist, and doing her renovation work herself on her off time,” says Wesley Camp, Marketing Director for Minerva Beauty. “Part of our vetting process involved looking at contestants’ Facebook pages and, indeed, there she is swinging a hammer! Plus, she mentioned in her application that she is still making lease payments for equipment that is falling apart—not Minerva.”

Walker’s salon currently has a mish-mash of furnishings and, with her big Minerva Beauty win, she will be able to get a salon identity with a uniform look while she expands her salon.

“I am most excited to get new stations that are not falling apart!” Walker says. “It’s only two years old, but clearly not quality.”

Walker just visited the company’s showroom in Atlanta where she was treated to a tour and the opportunity to conceptualize her vision for her salon space.

“It will be so nice to open a drawer and not have it fall off the hinges, or the footrests that snap right off when our guests put their feet on them!” Walker says.

Stay tuned for more from Walker’s salon makeover journey.



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