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Haircolor Transformation: Brunette to Red with Steps and Formulas

October 18, 2017 | 9:09 AM
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As Kadus Professional’s Global Director and Top Artist, Caroline Kim educates stylists around the world about the latest coloring techniques and trends. Her recent transformation, using the brand’s new Red Copper Collection, created a rich red on a dark brunette.  Here's how...


Formula A: Kadus Blonding powder + 20 volume (1:4) mixing ratio

 Formula B: 5V + 20 volume

 Formula C: 2oz. 7CR + ½ oz. CR mix tone + 2oz.  20vol

Formula D: 1 oz. 8CC + 2oz. 6 volume

 Step 1: Section the hair into quadrants.  Use Formula A to gently remove the client’s previous artificial color.  Process for 30 minutes or until desired level of lightness is achieved.   Shampoo with Visible Repair and then dry the hair. 

 Step 2:  Apply Formula B to the roots and feather towards the mid-shaft.   Apply Formula C from the mid-shaft and work towards the ends, leaving out the last 4 inches. 

Step 3: Apply Formula D onto the ends. 

 Step 4: Process for 30 minutes and then shampoo.

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