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Classic Mid-Contour Cut by Nick Roberson

Anne Moratto | August 21, 2014 | 1:54 PM

Classic Mid-Contour Cut by Nick Roberson

Nick Roberson, a hairdresser/barber working in St. Louis, MO, shares a classic cut that is old-school cool.

"Trends right now are styles of undercuts and fades. A lot of gents want to look more traditional and dapper," says Nicholas Roberson (@NickJamesHair on Instagram).  "I usually base a lot of my cutting style between the 20's and 50's. I always enjoy putting a modern twist on a classic cut."

The image above is one of James' signature cuts; he calls it the "Scumbag Boogie."

"It's a classic mid contour cut with weight left on the dominant side (parted side). Cool spinoff from your traditional gentlemans cut."

To finish this slick style, Roberson suggests:

*Add a grooming spray and blowdry in small sections with a vent brush for volume and control.

*I finish this particular cut with any heavy hold glossy pomade.

*Comb product through and style as desired.

 See more of his work on Instagram at @NickJamesHair



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