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Ribbons of Blonde: Golden Blonde Color Formula from Keune

Victoria Wurdinger | October 31, 2017 | 7:41 AM

Prelightening is key, as is choosing the most skin-tone suitable shade—in this case, a soft, golden tone using Keune Haircosmetics with an ash character for an iridescent effect.

Formula & Application:
Natural level-4 base with level 4/5 lengths

Formula 1: 30 g Keune Tinta Color 3017 + 30 g 3011 with 120 ml 6% Cream Developer + 9 ml Keune Bond Fusion Phase 1 – Bond Builder
Formula 2: 30 ml Semi Color 8.38 + 30 ml 7.2 with 120 ml Semi Color Activator
Formula 3: 60 ml 9.31 with 120 ml Semi Color Activator

1. Start at the nape creating a 1-cm wide horizontal line. Babylight by making fine meshes in the hair. On a color board with foil, apply Formula 1.
2. Take the next section and divide in half. Start with the left. Apply formula in a diagonal line, starting from the left at the base, moving to midlengths and ends.
3. Take the right section and apply the formula the same way. Leave some hair out between each section.
4. Apply the same formula to the next section, but start from the right of the base and work toward the midlengths in a diagonal line.
5. In the next section, use a painting technique to create babylights. Alternate this technique through the entire back and top sections.
6. Move to the front. Create a diagonal line and paint on soft babylights. Gently blend everything to the base color. Repeat through the entire front section
7. Process until desired lift is reached a maximum of 50 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and towel dry. Apply Keune Neutralizing Blonde Spray to neutralize unwanted brassiness and create a neutral base for the next formulas.
8. Beginning in front, apply Formula 2 to the entire base.
9. Apply Formula 3 to the midlengths and ends. Blend formulas together. Process 20 minutes, then rinse, shampoo and towel dry.
10. Apply Keune Bond Fusion Phase 2 – Bond Enhancer and Process at least 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Color: Marriet Gakes
Style: Ilham Mestour
Photographer: Paul Bellaart
Makeup: Barbra Oliemans

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Hair Color Trends
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