3 Tips For Hairdressers on Black Friday

Lauren Salapatek | November 2, 2017 | 12:30 PM
Jordan Glindmyer, owner of Pinup Jordan's Mermaid Lounge
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Heading out in your pj’s with a pie hangover just isn’t the best way to do Black Friday anymore. Stay in, get comfortable, the Donna Bella 4-Day Black Friday Event means business! We talked to Jordan Glindmyer, owner of Pinup Jordan's Mermaid Lounge, and got three hot tips for you this Black Friday weekend.

1: Stay in, shop online.

Jordan says, “Great deals and being prepared ahead of time take a lot of stress out of shopping for big ticket items like jewelry, electronics, or even your hair extensions from Donna Bella!”

2: Shop the 4-hour sales for double hair cash, you’ll thank yourself in December.

Jordan says, “I always look forward to the Donna Bella sales on Black Friday because they’re the best deals you’ll get all year round! And now you can carry those savings on to December too!”

3: Don’t miss the Happy hour sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, 50% off Donna Bella's most popular colors!

Jordan says, “I always try to utilize sales because you can choose to pass those savings along to your clients, give away things as “thank you” gifts around the holidays, or even keep the extra profit as your own holiday bonus!”

Follow Donna Bella's hot tips this Black Friday, get the best deals out there, and get back to spending time with your family and friends.


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