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Affinage Introduces The Metallic Hair Color Collection

November 3, 2017 | 9:28 AM
The Metallics collection intro kit. Photo courtesy of Affinage Salon Professional.

Launching in January, Affinage Salon Professional will introduce the Metallics Collection of shades to its Infiniti range of permanent hair color.

The deposit-only color is for use on pre-lightened clean blonde hair (no yellow tones) and includes eight shades, including Pearl, Pearl Rose, Grey Rose, Light Violet, Bronzed Amber, Copper Rose, Mahogany Violet, and Light Blue. Each shade must be used with the Metallic Activator in order for the pigments to develop properly for a true metallic result. 

Available in open stock in the 100 ml tubes, Affinage is also offering the collection in an intro kit that includes all eight colors, two 250 ml activators, a shade fan, and five brochures.

Infiniti’s unique DATEM + technology accelerates the coloring process by transporting oxygen deep into the cortex of the hair, helping to promote faster penetration and more effective color deposit. Infiniti’s pH level steadily decreases throughout the color process, locking in color molecules, and its gentle formulation helps ensure that the hair is left healthy, with visible shine and brilliance. Its smooth base crème provides lump-free mixing and easy application.

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