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Bubblegum Pink Metallic from Prorituals

November 6, 2017 | 12:22 PM

PRORITUALS Creative Director, Doug Martucci created the look with PRORITUALS new Metallics hair color that features “chromaprism technology” to deliver longer lasting more vibrant hair color. This technology also allows stylists to achieve fashion forward visual results utilizing under 2% ammonia in all of their shades including hi-lifts and super lifts.


1. Begin by dividing the head from left to right by placing a parting down the center of the head from the hairline to the high point at the crown.
2. Next, divide the head from front to back using a zig-zag part. Repeat on the opposite side and secure.

1. Begin by taking a section at the nape of the neck by placing a parting across the occipital bone. Over direct the sides into the center and surface cut with a razor.
2. Next take a guide form the previously cut section. Beginning in center back, take a vertical subsection and elevate the hair vertically past 90 degrees. Cut the section from short to long.
3. Continue in this manner while working in radial subsections over directing each section to the previous. Complete the back and cross check for balance.
4. Release the front sections. Create a 2” offset triangle. Wrap the hair over the horizontal 90 degree and cut from short to long, leaving length towards the corner.
5. Repeat on the opposite side, now working from the shortest piece of the fringe.
6. Once completed connect the front to the back and personalize the hair cut.

• Blue light 20 vol process until level 9
• Pre-tone 12 cv+ 10 FG double 5 Toner
• 60G Br vio+ 120g 5 vol Base
• Melt into 60 10 IIC + 1dot Br Vio 60 G 5 Vol

1. Apply formula 1 to the regrowth area
2. Create a triangle section in the top of the head by placing a parting from the apex to the corners of the hairline on both sides of the face and secure.
3. Create two triangle sections by placing a parting from the apex to behind the ear. Secure with a clip.
4. Place a parting at the nape to separate the mid back from the nape and secure.
5. Begin in the nape, taking ¼” diagonal back slices. Apply formula 1 and melt into formula 2 through the mid lengths and ends and cover with foil.
6. Next, take another ¼” slice and apply formula 2 through to the ends and cover with foil. Repeat in his manner until the nape has been fully colored.
7. Subdivide the triangle section into two equal sections. Begin working in the lower half. Take a ¼” diagonal forward section and apply formula 1 and melt into formula 2 and cover with a foil. Next, take another ¼” slice and apply formula 2 through to the ends. Repeat in this manner until the section has be completed.
8. Release the top section of the trangle and repeat the technique from the nape working in diagonal back sections.
9. Starting at the hairline take a ¼” section and weave the hair. Separate the two sections and secure the top half with a clip. Apply formula 2 to the bottom half and cover with a foil. Release the top half and melt formula 1 into formula 2.
10. Next take a ¼” slice and apply formula 3 through to the ends.
11. Repeat this technique until you have reached the apex. Then repeat on the opposite side.
12. Release the top triangle. Begin by taking a ¼” diagonal subsection and weave the section into two pieces. Clip the top section away and apply formula 3 to the underneath section and cover with a foil. Release the top half, apply formula 2 and cover with a foil.
13. Next take a ¼” slice and apply formula 3 through to the ends of the hair and cover with a foil. Repeat this technique until you have finished the top section.
14. Allow to process 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

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