Living Well, Working Well: Eufora Vision Quest Inspires Stylists to Care for Themselves, First

Anne Moratto | November 7, 2017 | 10:02 AM
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Beth Bewley opened the conference.
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Vishen Lakhiani, founder and CEO of Mindvalley, onstage at VisionQuest.
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Vishen Lakhiani
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Breakout sessions were packed on both days.
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Photo booth fun!
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A gorgeous setting for the runway show.
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Philip Carreon brings Beth Bewley to the stage.
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Artistic Director Philip Carreon and the artistic team created a show inspired by the power of women and their "Rebelle Femme" collection.
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Beth Bewley asks the artistic team to take a bow the morning after the runway presentation.
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Beth Bewley onstage with the Eufora Spirit Award winner, Dennise Gualdoni of Studio Eleven.  Gualdoni acknowledges her team.
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Keynote speaker Kimberly Snyder talked about the 6 Pillars of Lifestyle.
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Even the table centerpieces emphasized the theme of mindfulness.
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Eufora’s Vision Quest (Nov. 4-6) business summit just closed but the good vibes will linger for a long time to come.  Held at the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in La Costa, CA, north of San Diego,  attendees from Eufora partner salons enjoyed two days of inspiring keynote speakers, innovative breakout workshops, and daily wellness.

The theme was "Live Well, Work Well," which pays homage to Eufora's founding principles--caring for the "Whole of You." It was a celebration of 20 years of Eufora, and co-founder Beth Bewley summed up both the reasons for their longevity and their mission going forward when she said, " Standing the test of time doesn't happen without great people. I believe we have the power to shape the future of our industry if we work together to propel beauty forward."

She went on to add, "It only takes one thing, one thought or one action to change the world. Think about the first time Princess Diana held an AIDS baby, the moment Rosa Parks took a seat at the front of the bus, or the first time you held your new smart phone. This weekend, we hope you discover at least one inspired idea, one A-ha moment or one chance encounter this weekend which will shape your future."

Three powerful keynote speakers set the course over the next two days of VisionQuest

Professional Storyteller Kindra Hall demonstrated the most effective method for capturing attention and increasing revenue--strategic storytelling. 

"The culture of a company is developed by the stories that are told about it," she said. "Effective stories happen in a particular moment, take the listener on a journey, has emotions and not just information and includes characters with something at stake."

She led the audience through an exercise that demonstrated the power of an effective story. She asked them to pair up with someone sitting next to them and first tell their partner about perseverance. Then she asked them to tell their partner a story about the most memorable time they fell off their bike.

Vishen Lakhiani, entrepreneur, education innovator, and found of Mindvalley, walked the audience through seven steps for "attracting and building a team that rallies around your vision." The steps include creating attraction, finding the right fit, creating a common code, cultivating happiness, providing growth opportunities, developing meaning, and recognizing significance.

For each step, he provided examples of how Mindvalley has cultivated a culture that led it to becoming a $100 million company. For example, new employees are led through an exercise to create a personal vision board that outlines their bucket list goals, the experiences they want to have and how they’d like to contribute to the world. By posting the individual vision boards on the company vision board, not only can the company support its employees goals, but employees can recognize shared goals and form relationships with each other that support their efforts.

"A vision board is a blueprint to the soul," Lahiani said.

Kimberly Snyder, nutrition and best-selling author of Radical Beauty which she co-authored with Deepak Chopra, led the audience through six pillars of wellness, including internal nourishment, external nourishment, sleep, primal beauty (connecting with nature), movement and spirituality.

"Each pillar is connected to your overall health," she explained to the audience. "As a healer, you need to heal yourself first."

In addition, attendees could customize their VisionQuest experience by choosing from a wide assortment of breakout sessions, including:  

  • "Journey to Mind-Body Wellness" with Dr. Shila Patel, medical director for the Chopra Cente
  • "Creating a Dynamic Salon Education Program" with Keri Davis-Duffy of Gila Rut Salons
  • "The Art of Coaching" and the "Art of Gaining Client Feedback" with Jay Williams
  • "The Law of Diminishing Returns" with David Kinigson, founder/concept director of DavidK Space Salon, Spa and Academy
  • "Ubuntu=I Am Because We Are" with Bryan Nunes, owner of Blo
  • "Leadership and the Law of Attraction" and "Branding and Marketing Yourself" with Bennie Pollard and Paula Henson, co-owners of Cool Beauty Consulting
  • "Happy Team, Happy Dream" with Eufora’s Ashley Toliver-Williams and Timothy Humphries
  • "Healthy Salon Culture" with Eufora’s Don Grazano

To nourish the audience’s creative soul, Artistic Director Philip Carreon and the Eufora artistic team presented "Beauty Under the Stars," an evening runway presentation by the resort’s pool. The show, inspired by the power of women and the brand’s Rebelle Femme collection, transformed the models initially dressed as handmaids into powerful female images.

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