Creative Freedom: Fixing Fine, Wispy Hair

Maggie Mulhern | December 31, 2017 | 8:57 AM
Photo By Victoria Casciola

New shades, lengths, textures and designs in the extension world allow salon professionals the opportunity to change the game for their clients.

Going from "okay" to "wow" in just one sitting is now possible with these new products and styles. Using extensions, additions and pieces to create fresh and exciting looks is now easier than ever.

MODERN invited Victoria Casciola, Hairtalk global artistic director, along with Hairtalk educator and platform artist Jacquie Figueroa, to create finishes for two models representing two different types
of hair.

Red-headed Margarita has fine, wispy hair and wants to see how long, thick and full could make the season even more festive. Our blonde model has beautiful long locks but wants to change up her look based on the event—or her mood.

“We can do so much these days with extensions and the new items available can either enhance a look or hide damaged hair,” says Las Vegas-based Casciola, who is using extensions to add dimension and even correct hair color. “To be a great extension specialist you must be a color specialist. Selecting the right color can make or break the look.”

In addition to Hairtalk’s tape-in extensions, Casciola is having fun with the Top of the Head clip-in piece and the Hairtalk Mini Strands.

“The topper is a gamechanger,” Casciola says. “You can change a look in seconds for instant, undetectable
gratification. The minis fill in gaps and add pops of color. They are seamless, perfect for face frame and to add volume in the temple area where the hair is generally thinner.” 

Hair: Victoria Casciola
Assistant: Jacquie Figueroa
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich
Fashion stylist: Rod Novoa
Nail art: Kelly VanDahl

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