Move Aside Mermaid Hair, Rainbow Eyes are Officially Trending!

Lauren Salapatek | November 14, 2017 | 7:34 AM
Rainbow eyes are trending now!

Scroll through Instagram or any social media engine and you’re bound to see countless colormelts, ombres, sombres, balayages and more that boast bright colors, pastels and rainbow designs all inspired by something – nature, mythical creatures, outer space, etc.

However, bright colors aren’t just found on hair anymore, they have moved on to eyes, too! Rainbow eyes are officially trending!

So where can you find them? Envious Lashes in New York City, which offers eyelash extension services, eyebrow extensions and waxing has been getting requests.

According to Envious Lashes, before any application, they conduct a full consultation with their client in order to assess their distinctive eye shape, the quality of their natural lashes and their skin tone. Various lengths, curvatures and widths of lashes are then carefully selected to create each custom set of Envious lashes.

Clients have a choice between four different application styles:

Classic: Follows the natural growth pattern of the client’s lashes achieving a lift in the center of the eye.

Cat Eye: An almond shaping through the entire lash line by gradually elongating the length towards the outer ends.

Punk: Adding color or colors to any of the lash styles (this is specifically regarding the rainbow trend!)

Couture: An asymmetrical shaping through the entire lash line.


Take a closer look at the trend:

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