4 Color Melting Looks - Inspired by Fire, Ice and Space

Lauren Salapatek | November 14, 2017 | 12:12 PM
Northern Lights Colormelt
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Icicle Colormelt
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Firewood Colormelt
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Celestial Colormelt
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Why should you love color melting as much as Matrix? First it's adaptable - the soft graduation effect can be used on any client, with any hair color. Secondly, it looks natural - the seamless transitions makes any hair color look like it cold have happened naturally. Finally, it's original - it's an exciting, new technique that any stylist can use to push their client's look.

As part of the Color Melting Cabin Trend, Matrix introduces four new, cozy, fall looks:

The Northern Lights Melt: Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, bold, multi-tonal galaxy shades melt together to create an out-of-this-world look.
Use: Color Graphics Lacquer Blue, Color Graphics Lacquer Yellow, Color Graphics Lacquer Teal

Icicle Melt: Color Sync SPV, Color Sync 10P, Color Sync SPA
Use: Stone cold platinum gets a twist with a flourish of copper at the ends for this icy, flaxen look.

Firewood Melt: Scintillating shades of reflective ruby and crimson red create this glowing ember-like result.
Use: Color Sync Vinyls Crimson Red, Color Sync 3N and Color Sync Watercolors Quartz Pink

Celestial Melt: Soft and shimmering iridescent opal tones glow to create a starry night inspired look.
Use: Color Graphics Lacquer Blue, Color Graphics Lacquer teal, Color Sync Vinyls Midnight Violet

Each of the looks also use Bond Ultim8, which protects bonds and keeps hair strong all in the same service. Make sure to use Light Master Oil Additive, which provides enhanced saturation for even lift, delivers slip for easier spreadabliity and application, and improves the condition of the hair.

Mixing Ratio: 1 level scoop Lightening Powder, 1/2 oz. Oil Additive and 1/2 oz. Matrix Cream Developer

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