EmpowHERment Project Holds Coterie 2017

November 27, 2017 | 12:14 PM
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Coterie, the EmpowHERment Project’s first event, gathered 250 beauty professionals with the goal to level the playing field for women in the industry. Participants came to celebrate and support each other in the emotional and inspiring day-long event held at Metropolitan West in NYC.

The project was founded by Luxury Brand Partners’ Lyndsey Bardnell. Women were honored in the categories: Frontliners, Ceiling Crashers and Radgals, and topics included The Price For Success, Breaking Down The Barriers, Beauty Beyond Beauty School and The Heart of Hair.

Presenters included Diane Fittipaldi, who spoke about The Unwritten Rules:The Role Gender Plays In Who Makes It To The Top, and LBP Founder Tev Finger, who admitted that all brands need to do a better job at promoting women.


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