HOW-TO: Festive Braided Upstyle

Jamie Newman | December 15, 2017 | 1:03 PM
Festive bun by Liz Greco.

Living Proof educator Liz Greco (@lizgrecohair) created a macro braided updo by back combing and creating three gorgeous braids that meet and tuck in at the ends. Here, she details how to get the look. 

STEP 1: Back comb to create a wide mohawk section. 
STEP 2: Take this section and braid down the back of the head and tie off with elastic. 
STEP 3: Take the left and right sections and French braid separately on the side of the head moving towards the back. 
STEP 4: Tie off each braid on the sides.
STEP 5: Take middle French braid and tuck under at the nape of the neck and pin.
STEP 6:  Take the right section and pin underneath. Repeat with the left section.
STEP 7: Spray hair with Full Dry Volume Blast as you go to create volume. 
STEP 8: Finish with Style Lab Control Hairspray for hold.


Tip: If there is separation between the 3 braids or parting between braids, use hair pins to fish hook through.

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