Matrix Color Melting: Cabin Edition

December 28, 2017 | 10:06 AM
Northern Lights Color Melt
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Icicle Color Melt
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Firewood Color Melt
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Celestial Color Melt
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Color Melting was a popular trend in 2017 and seems like it will continue to grow in popularity in 2018. The soft gradation effect can be used on any client, with any color and the seamless transitions make any hair color look natural.

Matrix recently launched their 360 Experience: Color Melting Cabin Edition on their website. Featuring vibrant color melts for the winter season, Matrix Artists walk through four seamless looks: Northern Lights, a bold, galaxy inspired look; Icicle, a coppery, platinum; Celestial, an iridescent blonde; and Firewood, a ruby, crimson blend. 

See how each look was created below:


Northern Lights 


Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, bold, multi-tonal galaxy shades melt together to create an out-of-this world look. Global Design Team Mentor Chrystofer Benson and Italian Artistic Educator Mentee Cristian Chiff hand paint the green formula all the way around the head, then blend the two blue shades our from there for a stellar look. 



Stone cold platinum gets a twist with a flourish of copper at the ends for this icy look. First brightened with an array of different formulas, this look from Global Design Team Mentor Jamie Stevens and Canada Artistic Educator Mentee Chloe SteMarie gets a cool edge from Copper pops on the ends. 



Soft & shimmering, iridescent opal tones glow to create a starry night inspired look. Global Design Team Mentor Paul Falltrick and Swedish Artistic Educator Mentee Eva Stromblad first lighten the hair then add a cobalt blue base and quartz pink ends for airy, celestial strands. 



 Shades of reflective ruby and crimson red create this glowing, ember-like result. Global Design Team Mentor Alex Chabot and UK Artistic Director Mentee Ashleigh Hodges blended fiery red into peachy tones with a dash of quartz pink to achieve this smoldering look. 


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