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The Color Pop? Tips For Perfection

Maggie Mulhern | January 4, 2018 | 10:55 AM

COLOR POP happens when the colorist concentrates application of formula very purposefully to the mid-lengths and tips of the hair. According to Beth Minardi, the color looks dated when highlighted strands look too conventional or are placed too close to the root.

For the look pictured here, Minardi used her high lift permanent Creme 12 Ice shade mixed with 40 volume developer. "I use my long artistic foils to isolate the hair lengths without requiring that the foil be folded— which can minimize the ‘melted’ effect," says Minardi.

"Let’s talk about floating the ‘start’ of the highlight in varying distances away from the scalp. I brush a dot of Beth Minardi Demi Creme color 8BB mixed with 5 volume developer at the base of the offending ‘not melted’ highlight. In 12 - 15 minutes, that blonde will be totally modern!"

Style by Dayler Chagas

Assistant KATT Smith

Photo by Roberto Ligresti

Make up by David Maderich

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