Why You Should be Using the LASHcloud if You Have Lash Extensions

January 4, 2018 | 1:23 PM
The LASHcloud by NovaLash

The LASHcloud by NovaLash suspends lashes and delicate skin around the eye in mid-air while you sleep. The crescent-shaped pillowette prevents the tangling and twisting of lash extensions caused by pillow friction, leaving you with longer-lasting, more beautiful lashes.

“I love recommending the LASHcloud to my clients for many reasons. First, it’s silk and breathable fabric, allowing your delicate skin around your eye area not to wrinkle. It also allows the lash extensions to be suspended in air, preventing them from getting twisted or crinkled. It is perfect for travel—I never leave home without it! it! If you have had any cosmetic services done, it helps to enable your skin to breath. Have fillers or injections on the face—then NovaLash’s LASHcloud is a must. It won’t make the skin crease causing those ugly wrinkles. So, longer lasting extensions and preservation of the skin on your face.  Who would not want a LASHcloud?” —Raylene Cravens, Owner – Lash by Lash, Oklahoma City, OK

Get the LASHcloud today.

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