Reviv3 ProCare Launches V-Pro Line

Maggie Mulhern | January 22, 2018 | 5:36 AM

Reviv3 ProCare Announces Introduction of “V-Pro” line of products. 

Reviv3 ProCare, Inc. a Los Angeles based manufacturer of premium hair and skincare solutions is pleased to announce the launch of it’s “V-Pro” line of products.

Three groundbreaking products make up the initial series of “REVIV3 V-Pro” Hair and Skin Care System. Products include an in-salon Exfoliate treatment for Scalp, an Eyelash Enhancement Serum and an Eye Renewal anti-wrinkle Serum.

“Each product is designed to work for any hair or skin type and upholds the highest level of integrity and quality we have always provided and strived for.” stated Mr. Donald Starace, President of Reviv3 ProCare.

“We are very excited about Reviv3’s plans for our “V-Pro” line. Each product is designed to unleash the full potential of natural ingredients selected to deliver unprecedented results.” Starace continued.

“We will continue to work with distributors and salons worldwide and will provide education, sales and marketing tools to build on our brand and product line.   There are more opportunities for salons and industry stylist to embrace the thinning hair category and position themselves as true & trusted resources” Starace concluded.   

According to many salon professionals involved in offering hair loss or thinning hair solutions, Reviv3 works BEST. One simple system for all hair types. 

REVIV3’s new V-Pro line:

V-Pro Exfoliate – a facial for the scalp which is designed for both men & women. This product revives & gently exfoliates the scalp while removing residue, flakiness, dead skin cells & unclogs follicle sites. This is a Salon Only Service. Salons have been demanding more scalp treatment to offer clients.

V-Pro Eye Lash Serum-is designed to promote the growth of healthy eyelashes. This nutrient defense serum is formulated using the latest in growth factor technology without irritation.

V-Pro Eye Renewal Serum- contains biological elements which stimulates collagen production, designed to remove bags under the eyes and increase blood flow to muscles & skin and uses all natural formula & ingredients. 


REVIV3 PROCARE provides premium products specializing in drug-free solutions for healthy hair, scalp and skin. Donald Starace, REVIV3’s president brings 40 years of experience in the beauty industry with almost 20 years devoted to the thinning hair category. 

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