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MAKEOVER: The Re-Imagined Blonde

Maggie Mulhern | January 22, 2018 | 12:16 PM
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Goldwell Artistic Director, Rebecca Hiele (@rebeccahiele) is helping her client "Re-imagine Blonde" -  a trend showing Ice Marbleized Effects. The color technique is a palette of shades that look like Mineral Erosion with Glacial Blues in Ice Agate Pattern Forms. 

Here she shares the details for this transformation:

Existing Shade:

Natural Regrowth 4N

Mid- Lengths to Ends 10BG 

Step 1: Begin by pre-lightening the hair using 35ml Silklift 6% (20vol) lotion +  one scoop of SilkLift High Performance Lightener + three pumps of SilkLift Intensive Conditioning Serum Concentrate. Process to level 10.

Step 2: Next, divide hair into four sections and apply 20ml Topchic 6% (20vol) lotion + 20ml H2O + 40ml 9A to the scalp area only to create a root shading effect.

Step 3: In the same sections apply Colorance formulas from mid-length to the ends. This should be done by taking diagonal slices.  from the nape of neck to top and then from the sides to top. Marbleize the shades in alternating concave and convex directions, morphing one shade to the next using an intuitive 1, 2, 3 pattern rotation. 

40ml Colorance Lotion + 3ml Pastel Peach + 17ml 10BG,

40ml Colorance Lotion + 15ml 10BS +5ml Pastel Indigo

40ml Colorance Lotion + 10ml 9BA + 10ml 9GB 

Step 5: Observe processing time, then shampoo and condition using Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights products.

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