3 Insights on Working With Male Clients from Rodney Cutler

Elizabeth Yong Colabello | March 8, 2018 | 10:09 AM
Beach blonde from Ryan Pearl at Cutler Soho.
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Haircut and beard trim by Nate Juergensen at Cutler Salon in Brooklyn.
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Longer lengths from Breno Miranda at Licari Cutler Salon.
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The men’s grooming market is growing and is projected to reach nearly 50 billion within the next seven years. We asked Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador for Redken Brews, master groomer and co-owner of Licari Cutler Salons about working with men.

Who is the male client?
As it is becoming socially acceptable for men to express themselves, men are taking better care of themselves. They are not so much obsessed with fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. My male clients want to look appropriate  in his given environment, such as a corporate guy wants a business cut, but will add finishing touches to express his individuality. It could be as easy as a using a using a different finishing product for a increased texture, definition or volume.

What about color?
We see younger guys wearing bold hair colors to match their outfits head to toe, support a cause or just to suit their mood. For career-driven men, color services are not about expressing their uniqueness, but to maintain a natural look and to look younger. In addition to camouflaging grays, men request natural highlights for a refreshed, back from vacation look.

Male clients can be creatures of habit, how do you suggest a style change?
Men can be very ritualistic and any change comes down to trust with their stylist. Suggest incremental steps, tell him exactly what you plan to do such as, where you are leaving length and extend the cut by a week. Ensure that the shape is maintained so he looks well groomed while his hair is in transition to a new style. Show him how to maintain and finish his hair during this growth period with the proper products. I use products on men behind the chair every day.

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