25 Money Pieces Worth Their Weight in Gold

Mary Kaleta | March 6, 2018 | 11:26 AM
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This look from @denizprocksch is the defintion of fierce.
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Silky smooth or wonderful waves? Either way, the money piece is ON POINT, @zhenya_colourist.
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Ah that contrast between the rest of the roots and the money piece in this look by @bernardohairco is SO killer.
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The romantic curls in this style from @hair_by_lofrost really brought out with those highlights.
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Ribbon of light by @kristen.lumiere, who says she always sections out the front hairline, tones the rest of the hair and lets it process before bringing in the hairline for toning.
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@tressesbytress proves a platinum money piece can be the perfect choice.
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Bam! That money piece is just popping so well. @juliamcdow makes her clients look like angels.
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Serving up money-piece realness with this style by @glayda because OF COURSE.
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We're dead. This style by @nicolecustomssalon is on a whole new level of cool.
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Bold wave. Bold Highlight. Love it, @amburgerofhair.
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Once again, @hairerik slays with this breath-taking style and money piece.
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All the feels for this big blonde mane by @evandro_gocalves1.
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A flawless money piece from every angle, @sami_debs.
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@romeufelipe knows how to crown a queen with perfect highlights.
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Va-va-volume and a money piece for the win @presleypoe.
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Sunny sunny blonde from @onceuponahair pushes all the clouds away.
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One vanilla dream, please! This lob by @justhairobsession is just TOO perfect.
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Rachel Green in 2018. @julianaspinuzzi knows how to bring it.
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Soft glam hair with a leather jacket? Stunning, @jayjaylo_hair. That blonde money piece instantly makes this chic.
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Golden waves all day in this style by @hairbyjosh_u.
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So effortlessly cute and happy. @hairbyhm_ nailed it!
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Yay! Some brunette action up in here by @evandro_goclaves1.
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Simple and sweet face-framing highlights by @claytonwheelerhair.
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@buddywporter shows what's easily a go-to look to impress most clients.
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Such a perfect flip at the end to really highlight (pun intended) that money piece by @alecia_theblvd.
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They say money can't buy happiness, but an absolutely gorgeous money piece sure can. By mastering this look, you'll be able to give your clients more bang for their buck, a look that's right on the money ... you get the idea.

The money piece is a term used to describe face-framing highlights in balayage that start at the root and continue to the ends of the hair. MODERN has chosen 25 looks from Instagram to inspire you to try out this trend or help clients visualize its power. Think you can give them a run for their money pieces? Share your work by tagging #modernsalon.

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