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FORMULA: Cassondra Kaeding and Chris Appleton Take Kim Kardashian Back to Her Roots

Jamie Newman | March 12, 2018 | 1:21 PM

Redken Brand Ambassador Cassondra Kaeding worked with Chris Appleton to take Kim Kardashian back to her natural brunette hue using Redken Shades EQ.  

Kardashian had been platinum blonde for months, recently test driving a bubblegum-pink color, but over the weekend, the two colorists took her back to her dark chestnut brown roots.

"The greatest challenge about this transformation is making sure the color doesn’t get too cool or muddy in tone," Kaeding said. "When filling, you need to make sure that you put back the missing pigments for the desired level."


1/2 oz Shades EQ Gloss in 07CC + 1/2 oz Shades EQ Gloss in 08GG + 1/4 oz Shades EQ Gloss in 06NB + 1 1/4 oz Shades EQ Processing Solution

Target: 3/4 oz Shades EQ Gloss in 05N + 1/4 oz Shades EQ Gloss in 04N + 1/8 Shades EQ Gloss in 04NB + 1 1/8 oz Shades EQ Processing Solution

All-Over Glaze: 3/4 oz Shades EQ Gloss in Crystal Clear + 1/4 oz Shades EQ Gloss in 04N + 1 oz Shades EQ Processing Solution

To keep the color looking vibrant after several weeks, Kaeding said using the right products is key. 

"Redken’s new Color Extend Bonder is perfect for protecting and strengthening hair post-service," she said."Re-gloss the hair once every two weeks to make sure the client’s color stays fresh. After heat from hair tools, water from your shower, and everyday environmental stressors can dull out the hair, so once the hair has a buildup of color, visits to the salon will be less frequent."

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