Pink Pewter Hosts Day of Glam for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Mary Kaleta | March 21, 2018 | 10:47 AM
Howl! The five ladies call themselves the Shewolf Pack.
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Before the afternoon of glam began
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Pink Pewter turned its warehouse into a hair and makeup studio for the afternoon.
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Makeup artist Jessica Brown (dollface_mubyjes) creates a smokey eye look on Michelle.
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Mireya, Pink Pewter's founder and designer, curls Lindsey's hair.
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Julia chose her dress because it reminded her of her sister and grandmother. Her statement piece was a headband with intricate leaf designs. Her hair was tucked into a long braid to give a more effortless look.
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For Rachel's style, a tucked and rolled style was created around the base of her head. Tiny braids were added for more definition, and the Sydnie hairband added color.
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Lindsey chose a bright yellow dress and Pink Pewter's bright yellow shadow, Party Girl. To go along with the gold and yellow theme of her look, Naomi gold-beaded jewels were added to her hair for extra flair. She also wore Addy choker in fuscia for an additional pop of color.
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For Michelle's hairstyle, Waligora created a side boho-style side braid that came into loose curls. She added Pink Pewter's Tatiana bobby pins for extra sparkle and glam.
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Kelly said she chose her Peggy hairband because it reminded her of a crown, and she wanted to feel like a princess. Kelly's hair was curled and pulled back to complement the hair piece.
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Associate Editor Mary Kaleta poses with the Fabulous Five.
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The Fab Five poses with their mothers, their glam squad, and MODERN Associate Editor Mary Kaleta.
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The sound of wolves howling echoed inside Pink Pewter's warehouse, but no wolves were present. 

The howling was coming from Michelle, Lindsey, Rachel, Julia and Kelly—five best friends and members of the National Association for Down Syndrome—who call themselves the Shewolf Pack because it represents their bond and friendship. The ladies also go by the Fabulous Five and the Cheetah Girls. They've been friends since they were kids, and they came to Pink Pewter for a day of glam as part of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. 

After they arrived, the fab five was given a selection of wardrobe choices from Generation Bliss boutique to pick from before heading over to hair and makeup. Pink Pewter founder and designer Mireya Villarreal invited stylist Annette Waligora (@anette_updo_artist) to help with hair and makeup artist Jessica Brown (dollface_mubyjes).

The afternoon was spent with laughter and flashing cameras as the women chose their own Pink Pewter accessories and hair and makeup to complement their wardrobe selections.

"I got my hair and makeup done—the whole shebang," Lindsey said. "Let's just say, I'm feeling runway-ready."

Once all the looks were complete, the ladies had a photo shoot where they were able to pose for photos. Once they were all together, their true friendship really shined. 

"I look like a red rose," Kelly said. "I love my crown because I look like royalty, just like the rest of these girls. They're my sisters, and I love them forever and ever."

There was a genuine happiness throughout the entire event, and the women came together in unity and strength, which was clear to the entire glam squad. 

"Getting to meet and spend the day with the Fabulous Five was such a joy," Brown said. "They had me laughing all day. These young ladies are so brave to speak in such large public venues and educate everyone about down syndrome. It was so inspiring. I really hope I'm able to do there makeup again."

That sentiment was shared by Waligora. "It was such an honor meeting and getting to treat these lovely ladies to a day of beauty," she said. "They are all so inspirational. My passion is to make my clients' inner beauty shine from the inside out. These ladies are beautiful, and seeing them glowing and smiling at the end of the day made my heart full."

The women were able to keep their wardrobe selections and hair accessories.

"I just love to make people smile," Villarreal said. "And I got to do that times five today."


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