10 Hair Cuts and Hairstyles We’re Loving for Guys

Elizabeth Yong Colabello | March 28, 2018 | 10:37 AM
Classic cut from Down Under and Jordan Tabbakman.
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From Spain's RM Barber. 
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Cut and color from Brazil's Daniel Bueno.
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Creative curls from the UK's Harry Green.
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From Barberia Infamous in Argentina
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A new twist from the UK's Josh O'meara-Pate
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Hair art with a message from Boy Barber in Thailand.
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From Mr. Brothers Cut Club in Japan Kenshi Shiroma. 
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Cut by Greg, co-owner of Monarchs Cut & Shave.
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Parker's Barber Shop welcomes all ages for cuts.
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Men’s grooming is booming and it’s picking up steam as more men are experimenting with color, heat styling and products to express their individuality.

Before you start any hair cut or style, make sure you're consulting each of your clients. Understanding their lifestyle and hair texture is crucial to properly executing a personalized cut.

Get inspired! We gathered together some of our favorite men's hair cuts and styles from around the world (no passport required!). From soft fades, to fantasy colors to hair etching, flip through the slideshow and see what's trending right now on our Instagram page, @HISmoderngrooming

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