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Five Things a Salon Can Do to Increase Social Networking

Patrick McIvor | October 11, 2012 | 8:37 AM
Patrick McIvor

I know planning a digital marketing campaign can be overwhelming because there are so many options: That’s why I offer social media consultations. But for those salons out there that want to get started on their own, I suggest starting with these five things to increase social networking.

  1. Create a salon Facebook page separate from a personal page because professional pages offer valuable analytics about who visited your page and how often. Professional pages also don’t max out at 5,000.
  2. Create your own salon YouTube channel, the more videos posted, the easier you are to find. To increase traffic to your channel, include QR Codes on your retail products and advise clients to scan them with their smart phones to access expert info on how to use the products.
  3. Foursquare is another way to let people know who you are--it makes a game out of life.  People can check in for badges and get special rewards and tips for being loyal. Find out who your Mayor is, they are your best customer.
  4. Utilize Twitter to share quick tips and ideas and let people know what’s going on in the salon and with your team on the road.
  5. Motivate clients to check in online to receive special perks, it’s a great way to track customers.

Start small and come up with a program that you can manage. And if you don’t want to oversee all the social networking outlets yourself, assign team members to manage the various networks.  Social networking is still fairly new, learn the in’s and out’s with your team and you will all be vested in growing. If you need more guidance, contact me for a private consultation at [email protected].


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